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Nasolabial folds/marionette lines

What Are they? 

The nasolabial fold is the crease running from either side of your nose down to the corners of your mouth.


Marionette lines are the lines around the corners of your mouths running down onto your chin.


Smokers lines are the lines above your top lip and although are known as smokers lines, smokers and non smokers can get them. 


All of these folds and lines can be treated with dermal filler to smooth their appearance. Although you should bare in mind they will never be completely smoothed away yet improved.   

The procedure is quick, with immediate results! There can sometimes be slightly swelling and bruising but ultimately no down time and much more affordable than surgery.


Dermal filler s hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally in our bodies already with large amounts found in our skin and connective tissues. HA keeps skin hydrated and plump ad can be injected to restore or add more volume and hydration. 

What are the side effects? 

Bruising and swelling are a completely normal part of any injectable treatment. You can experience just one or both of these side effects that can range from mild to quite noticeable!


If you become concerned about any of your your side effects Jasmine is contactable 24/7 to advise you.   

How long do fillers last? 

It will usually last between 6-12 months although each person is different with some people reporting it lasting 12months plus. Life style factors can play a part in the longevity of your filler such as subbed use, smoking, excercise, metabolism. Every body is different and therefore your retention will depend on you. 

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